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Blurring only a part of an underlying picture to make the text readable

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I would like to reproduce and use a function that I saw in one of the first presentations of Publisher. It was about text on the picture with the climber. I saw that it was possible to draw a rectangle (Designer) behind the (multi-column) text and the photo area under this rectangle could be blurred with the box blur (Photo) so that the text in front of it was easily readable. I am not able to reproduce this effect: I always have to create a duplicate of the photo, place this duplicate photo in the rectangle. But this is not the solution, because every time I change the layout I have to duplicate and frame the picture again. What am I doing wrong.

Beispiel Publisher Blur.afpub

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11 hours ago, Wosven said:

Check your PDF, but the text will be rasteried... perhaps not what you want in the end.


11 hours ago, Hens said:

One can, after applying the effect, group the effect with the image/pixellayer>rasterize this group, to have it not rasterise the text though

The text won't rasterize if the blurring is nested as a child of the image (as opposed to inline with the image and text).
So, the rig can remain flexible and non-destructive... there's no need to rasterize (or make a copy & rasterize) the group/effect before export. 🙂

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