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Currently, Affinity Photo does not provide a absolute trustworthy preview of the current document.

  • For any zoom levels not equal to 100%, you get misleading rendering of noise and unsharp mask filters
  • With View Mode "Bilinear", you will always get false rendering on pixel level at hard edges
  • Even with zoom level 100%, you could get get false rendering when dealing with pixel art
  • For zoom level below 100%, you could get completely wrong colors caused by resampling (same bug report above)
  • Many live filters can introduce rendering artifacts at any zoom level, including 100%, leading to severe deviations from final result, especially when combined with blend mode "difference"
  • The false color by resample issue could bite you at almost any zoom level except 400% and integer multiples of 400%


The only way to get a reliable preview of your document is to either

  • Export - leaving the application
  • Merge visible - introducing superfluous temporary layers, must be created on top of layer stack and deleted after use.


Even the export preview 100% function is currently broken on iPad.

To overcome all these issues, it would be helpful if Photo would offer an "absolute trustworthy preview" move, similar to Designers View Modes.


  • No color artifacts (false colors) by resample in case of zoom <100% (use color-correct average, not false sub-sample)
  • 100% accurate rendition of result
  • ability to zoom to any level (at least -8x to + 8x)
  • Ultimate priority on accuracy, no priority on performance.
  • Selectable options to deal with non-opaque pixels (color of matting background)
  • Regular keyboard shortcuts and mouse actions to zoom / pan
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