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[beta] - Extremely slow auto flow time. (Continued from Oct. 2019)

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I first reported this back in October 2019 and that thread can be found back in the Pre-1.9 Bug Report section.

Both the afpub and the text file in question were uploaded back then. (Hang_text1.afpib and Bible.txt)


It's been 2 years since my last post on this subject, so I decided to give it another test with the latest beta (

Now it takes 55 minutes before I get control back, so there's been some improvement over the previous 1,5 hours.

That said, having to wait almost a full hour to auto flow pure text is not satisfactory. Admittedly, it's 1800+ pages, but other users reported the process taking a handful of minutes, back in 2019.

I assume this process is mostly CPU and memory intensive. I should be well covered there (6-core i7 and 64GB RAM), so I'm left wondering what's causing this.

Any thoughts, devs?


Edit: This should probably have been posted in the beta section. Feel free to move.

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Posted in wrong forum section?
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I have an update on this.

Today I tested with the latest official release:

  1. I opened my afpub-test file.
  2. This time around I noticed the warning "The section is locked and cannot be moved". I have no idea what exactly is locked and how this came to be. It's basically a new document with a ascii text file placed in it.
  3. image.png.1b12edf1a5d840107103a44a414c5699.png
  4. However, I did try to remove the lock by doing Layer->Unlock All a couple of times. The warning still remained.
  5. However, when I now did a shift-click to auto flow the remaining 1800+ pages, they appeared about 4 seconds later.
  6. Clearly, there is a link here, although I have no clue what is going on.

I hope this helps?

(I'm including the test file once more.)


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Die Meldung ist richtig.

Er bezieht sich auf die Textrahmen welche, auf der Masterseite liegen.

Testrahmen auf der Masterseite sind immer auf der Layoutseite fixiert. (Die Rahmen haben anstelle des Kreises ein x.)


Zum Aufbau der 1800 Seiten.

Bei mir dauert es weniger als 50 Sekunden.

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That's still quite some difference in time used for the process.

In my case either 4 seconds or 55 minutes (The latter a 800 times increase)

In your case 50-ish seconds. A 10 times increase compared to my lowest time.


Anyway, what interesting to me is that the program manages to complete whether I do the Layer->Unlock All, or not. It merely takes 800 times longer if I don't do it.

I'm thinking this should be of interest to the devs.

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