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Divide causes Designer to crash

Vince B.

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I select several shapes, then when I hit 'divide', designer crashes. Same thing if the shapes are converted to curves before trying to devide them.

I tried with a new file, same behaviour

Thanks for the great work, I love Designer!


MacOS 10.11.6

No hardware acceleration (no compatible GPU)

Affinity Designer version 1.10.1


Bug.afdesign Bug.tiff Bug2.tiff Bug3.tiff

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@Vince B. Welcome to the Affinity forums. I was unsure what the intention was with your file and whether you meant Subtract rather than Divide? Looking at your file I'd assumed that perhaps the intent was to cut a hole in the brick wall (Divide doesn't seem to make much sense to me looking at the file but maybe I'm wrong)?

I didn't experience any crashing issue with Designer or your file and I did the following to cut a hole in the wall but let us know if the intention is to achieve something else. I expect the moderators will ask you to upload the crash report and/or a video showing the steps you've taken showing Designer crashing.

Affinity Designer 2.4.2 | Affinity Photo 2.4.2 | Affinity Publisher 2.4.2
Affinity Designer 1.7.3 | Affinity Photo 1.7.3 | Affinity Publisher 1.10.8
MacBook Pro 16GB, macOS Monterey 12.7.4, Magic Mouse

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Hi @Vince B. Welcome to the Affinity forums. Sorry to hear you are experiencing crashing. 

I've been able to recreate the issue on your document by selecting everything and clicking Divide, but I haven't been able to recreate the issue from scratch. Can you tell me anything about how you created the document? 

I agree with @Hangman that the best way to achieve the results you were after is to use a clipping mask. It's a less destructive way of doing things and you can remove the mask if you need to or change your mind.


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Her's how I created the file:

First, I drew a rectangle, then duplicated it, dragged the copy side by side to the original rectangle then duplicated again several times until I get a line of rectangles.

Selected that line, duplicated it and dragged the second line under then first one with an offset of half a rectangle.

Then selected the two lines and duplicated them, dragged the two new lines of rectangles under the first group, then duplicated them again until I get a 'wall'

Finally drew a circle over the 'wall'

Edited by Vince B.
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@Vince B. That's what I did, the only difference was that my rectangles had a fill applied. I removed that and it still didn't crash. I will log the issue with your file and pass the information on to the development team.

Just out of interest, can you tell me where you store the file? Is it on a local drive / network drive / cloud storage?

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