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  1. The file is stored on the mbpro hdd (yes, 14 years old mac!)
  2. Her's how I created the file: First, I drew a rectangle, then duplicated it, dragged the copy side by side to the original rectangle then duplicated again several times until I get a line of rectangles. Selected that line, duplicated it and dragged the second line under then first one with an offset of half a rectangle. Then selected the two lines and duplicated them, dragged the two new lines of rectangles under the first group, then duplicated them again until I get a 'wall' Finally drew a circle over the 'wall'
  3. Thanks, SPaceBar. The file was just an example, I experienced that bug several times. I sometimes really want to divide shapes so a clipping mask won't help in that case.
  4. Thanks for your reply, Hangman! My goal was to remove all the bricks outside the circle, hence divide them. I know I can achieve that with a mask, but I guess it can also be done with the Divide tool. I will post a video of the crash as soon as possible...
  5. Hi, I select several shapes, then when I hit 'divide', designer crashes. Same thing if the shapes are converted to curves before trying to devide them. I tried with a new file, same behaviour Thanks for the great work, I love Designer! MacOS 10.11.6 No hardware acceleration (no compatible GPU) Affinity Designer version 1.10.1 Bug.afdesign Bug.tiff Bug2.tiff Bug3.tiff
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