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[Done] Real-time / single click auto continuos asset export

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The idea here would be to be able get as close as possible to Real-time embedded document editing, but with assets which are being used outside Affinity, like for example in web pages. This could be accomplished by reducing as much as possible the friction in exporting, and automating it as much as possible. 


More specifically, it would be possible to re-export all the selected slices which were previously exported, with just a single click or keyboard shortcut, without extra dialogs to select the path, and without having to switch to the export Persona.


In addition to that, the user could select an event which would trigger the export automatically, like for example, when the document is saved, or when Affinity designer app loses focus. This would allow to further reduce the costs of iterating between Affinity and the final destination where the assets are being inserted and used.


This functionality can be mostly seen in action already in photoshop with the help of one of the following tools:


Real-time Image Asset Generation allows you to create image assets in real time as you work, eliminating the tedious steps of copying, slicing and exporting each layer manually, and saving you hours of time. Simply add a file extension to the name of your layer or layer group, and Photoshop will automatically create a JPG, PNG or GIF from the contents of that layer. If you make a change to that layer, the file is immediately updated. This means that you now have a folder of images that are always up-to-date with your Photoshop design.


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As a scientist using AD to modify figures exported from Mathematica, Matlab ... to later import them into LaTeX documents, I would also enjoy an automated exportation (to pdf in my case) for example when the AD document is saved. 


Thank you. 

-- Nicolas

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We considered this before, but couldn't work out *when* it should be triggered - your idea about losing focus / saving is the missing piece of the puzzle, I think..


There is an "autosave on focus lost" feature that is popular among code editors like Sublime, Textmate, InteliJ, etc, which could also be useful in Affinity, and also play synergetically in this scenario.


With that feature in place, and with export on save, the user could either:

- In a side by side scenario, with multiple monitors for example, just hit cmd+s and without switching applications, see the work refreshed in the browser (with the proper 3rth party auto-refresh plugin in the browser)

- Or in a laptop small screen scenario for example, with each application in full screen, just switch to the browser and see it reload automatically (save on lost focus + export on save)


I don't know how expensive the save operation is, but you could kill 2 birds with one stone?

Just thinking out loud here..

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Implemented already I understand. How can I generate images from group folders or layers now then like image assets generation in Photoshop?

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