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  1. @Fully-breaded Cat Sent file to discussed email address. Hope you can resolve this soon. Thanks in advance.
  2. Implemented already I understand. How can I generate images from group folders or layers now then like image assets generation in Photoshop?
  3. She created two new files, but both can be opened in Affinity Photo. Thought it may be an issue with the file having many many layers. Until a short while ago she hit the Photoshop limit. This has been raised since then. Will see if we can try some other formats later on. Will use PS if I need to open it on another machine for now or ask designer to export as png or pdf.
  4. I am cropping parts of a psd in Affinity Photo so I can save these as jpegs or pngs to add to a website. When I just cropped a rectangular search bar background it should have shown 735px by 60px but now is showing unconstrained , 49 x 4 pixels which is totally off. Making the area smaller or larger makes the sizes jump up and down.. What am I missing here? The other issue is that I cannot enter the width or height boxes to change the amount of pixels. Any ideas what I am missing here?
  5. I see. Well, will ask the designer to create another similarly setup psd using the same version of Photoshop and then email it and mention this thread. Will also update my thread here http://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/195333/affinity-photo-crashing-copyfontsforrequest-received-mig-ipc-error
  6. I just had the same issue with a psd file with the recently purchased Affitinity Photo. Is there not any bug logging we can send. I prefer not to share the psd as it is for an outstanding SAAS project. Did see this in my logs: 7/10/15 2:36:54.251 PM Affinity Photo[7984]: CoreText CopyFontsForRequest received mig IPC error (FFFFFFFFFFFFFECC) from font server
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