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Unsharp mask buggy


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  •    What is your operating system and version (Windows 10, OSX Mojave, iOS 12 etc)?
    • Win 10
  •    What happened for you (and what you expected to happen)
    • Unsharp mask either not applied in preview or after "apply", or sometimes preview shows it applied to only a region of image (see attached)
  •    Provide a recipe for creating the problem (step-by-step what you did).
    • Open .tif file, filters--> sharpen--> unsharp mask...
  •    Screenshots (very handy) or a screen capture/video.
    • Attached
  •    Any unusual hardware (like tablets or external monitors or drives that may affect things) or relevant other applications like font managers or display managers.
    • Dual monitor setup, but hardly unusual
  •    Did this same thing used to work and if so have you changed anything recently? (software or hardware)
    • Used to work... I don't know what changed exactly since it stopped working correctly.  I have do have two video cards (UHD 630 and RTX 3080) and have tried both as renderers - the issue happens with both


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2 minutes ago, PeteMacca said:

Hi @Laika,

Is Hardware Acceleration turned on? This can cause a raft of problems if your graphics drivers are old or incompatible. Try turning it off: Edit >> Preferences >> Performance. 

Fantastic!  That fixed it!  Thank you!


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Just now, PeteMacca said:

That's good news. You could try updating your graphics drivers. Or stay with Hardware Acceleration turned off until Affinity and/or the various GPU makers can iron out the bugs.

I'm using the most recent NVIDIA drivers... easiest just to disable HW acceleration.

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On 8/12/2021 at 6:22 PM, Laika said:

I'm using the most recent NVIDIA drivers... easiest just to disable HW acceleration.

I myself was having issues with the Latest nVidia drivers, try a slightly older driver. I did and all my issues went away. The HW acceleration is worth the effort!

Desktop: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X, 32GB Ram, RTX 3070, LG 27" 4K 10Bit

Windows 11 22h2

Dell Laptop: i7 7700, 32GB Ram, GTX 1060, 16" 4K

Windows 10 22h2

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