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PDF export ends up rasterising parts it shouldn't

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So I have the following pdf: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1X93xwzcKEjJUkoPh51UCQLOCUVvA7hIR/view?usp=sharing

When exported from the latest beta, the first page and a couple parts of the following pages end up getting rasterized.

Opening the document in the latest release however and exporting with the same settings yields a proper pdf with non-rasterized images. Here is how an export from the stable build (the one without a dash) looks like side by side with one from the beta build (the one with a dash). The beta build only has 1 Image layer for the entire page.



I hope this can be fixed.

narsil - readme.pdfnarsil readme.pdf

Here are the pdfs as well, for comparison:


Mădălin Vlad
Graphic Designer
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