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I want to use Affinity like I have used Photoshop Elements in before:

Drag pictures directly from Fotos into Affinity - do all changes - and save it back to Fotos.

Affinity is not accepting any drag events from Fotos! : :(

Another point:

I have updated to El Capitan and Affinity 1.3.5. Even with this it is not possible to activate any plugin of Affinity for Fotos.

The advertising slide show of El Capitan and Fotos is showing that it should be possible to use Affinity directly from Fotos. There is no way for me to activate this? :o

What's wrong?


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  • Staff

Hi Volu,


Welcome to the Forums :)


The Photos plugin is currently only available in the Customer Beta Build this is why you aren't able to see it using the Mac App Store version. You can download the Customer Beta Build here.



Please tag me using @ in your reply so I can be sure to respond ASAP.

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  • Staff

Hi Volu,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Currently there isn't a roundtrip workflow between Affinity Photo and Apple Photos. Apple hasn't implemented the ability to edit photos using an external editor. However some things are already possible:

  • you can open images managed by Apple's Photos using the Media Browser in Affinity Photo (menu View ▸ Media Browser... or press ⇧ (shift) + ⌘ (cmd) + M);
  • you can use Affinity's extension for Apple's Photos if you install the latest Affinity Photo Customer Beta. Note the extension contains just a subset of Affinity Photo functionality. It will be available for the Mac App Store version in the next update;
  • you can use File ▸ Share ▸ Add to Photos command to send a (flatened) jpg version to Photos (this is not the best solution since jpg compresses the image and you will loose all layers/edits). Alternatively you can export the image in a lossless format and manually add it to Apple Photos library.
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Okay - thank you for the quick reply! 

All those workarounds I have already used - but it makes me not happy - I am feeling now like a Windows user: Have to do a lot of ineffective handling which cost me a lot of useless time ...

Please talk to Apple that they will get better with Fotos soon!

I have used Photoshop together with Aperture - Aperture supports the drag to Affinity and I can store back into the same location.

Apple is seeing Fotos as a replacement for Aperture too - so they should be interested to get their users pleased with Fotos.

In fact I would say that Mac OS X users are more professional that IOS or Windows users. They should take care.

I try to address this in Apple support too.

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