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Bug report: Cannot Place images with accented characters in filenames

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When I choose Place Image and pick iCloud as the source, the iOS file browser comes up as usual, but if I tap on a file with accents in the name, the filename row just blinks, but nothing else happens. For example, a file named Aïzan Vévé.jpg cannot be picked for placement. But if I de-Frenchify the filename by changing it to Ayizan Veve.jpg, it can be placed and used in Affinity Designer.

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As French, and used to ask to not use accented and other special characters in file names — there's metadata and caption for this, it's not means to write your life :), and some character acepted in a OS can be forbidden in another or buggy —, my first reflex is to modify file names, or use special apps for this in a bulk.

It'll be easier later if you need to use those files on another OS without problems, zip them and send them to another OS, etc. I remember a bad day when I was asked to debug a file, and the solution was to rename a hundred files to import them again in the layout program... And check everything again... And we were being late to send it to print.

The bug can be corrected, but you won't have any security that it won't occur again when switching apps or OS, etc.

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Like I said, it depends of the OS in which the file was named. There's usually no problem inside the same OS, it can at least use the same encoding. It begins to get tricky when you give files around, or worste when zipping on OS X and sending to Windows...

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Interesting. I couldn’t place any file with accents from iCloud; there was no particular broken file. I have since renamed all the files with French filenames. FWIW, the SVGs I couldn’t place had all been exported from AD on iPad, so I was using the same app on the same OS and the same iPad.

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