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Please improve the modelling function of the pencil a bit more

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I would like to ask if it would be possible to improve the modelling function, which can be found under the pencil tool.

I find this function really practical, but there are a few small things that bother me a bit.

1. no matter how hard I try, although I bring the two end points exactly over each other when drawing, the shape is not closed. Could one perhaps add a kind of tolerance range here, which one can also determine oneself, in which the two end points automatically attract each other and the object is closed?

If you cannot draw a shape in one go and you have to draw it in small sections, you are always forced to continue drawing from one of the two end points so that it remains a line.
Unfortunately, what doesn't work is that I can't connect two lines with this function. This is possible in AI and I find it much more comfortable.
Here I can use this function to start a second line at a different point on the work surface and then draw the line to the end point of the line to which it is to be connected and when the two end points meet, they are connected to form a node. Could this function perhaps also be added to AD? That would certainly make it easier for many to work with the pencil tool.

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