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I am experiencing an issue where I am unable to save new files to a specific drive on my system. This issue did not arise with 1.9.1 and was definitely present in 1.9.0. I'm unsure exactly when it started but it persists in 1.9.1 so I figured this was appropriate.

Whenever I attempt to save a new file it results in the "Failed to save document: <Untitled>" "Save failed because access to the file was lost" dialogue.
A file is subsequently created on the drive, but with size 0kb. 


I did find similar issues reported in the forum, but these all seemed to deal with external storage or network drives. In this case, the hard drive in question is neither. It is a standard internal hard drive Seagate ST250DM000-1BD141. Saving to any of the other five drives installed in my system ( one of which is an identical model ) works perfectly fine. I am able to open files which already exist on the drive in question. I am able to save to another drive, move the file to the offending drive, and subsequent saving works as expected. Only new files saved directly cause this issue. The issue is of course infinitely replicable as it happens even with a fresh install of Affinity Designer.

I have attempted a full reinstall.
Wiping preferences followed by a full reinstall.
I've checked permissions to the drive in question multiple times.
I monitored the windows event log for any hints.
I attempted disabling all anti-virus software.
I tried disabling my font manager. 
I even disabled google drive sync ( which I am not trying to save to ) just in case it was somehow interfering.

It's possible, even likely, the issue is still unique to my system but I've run out of leads to chase. 

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro N
Version: 10.0.019041 Build 19041
Affinity Version:

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