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Wilfred Hildonen

My daily illustrations

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So I am new to make vector-based illustrations although I have managed to get a few logos together in vector, but after just a few days with Affinity Designer, I am able to use it for my daily illustrations for a newspaper I am working for (from Finland). That isn't bad since I have a deadline to keep. Anyway, here are a few examples plus one for another publication...








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These are really nice!  That's a lot of work, but I bet they enhance the articles.  :-)


 Thanks a lot! But actually, they are not a lot of work, not with Affinity Designer. That's why I find this programme so amazing, because if I had tried to do something similar with Illustrator or any other vector based programme, I would have gone bald by now, tearing my hair out in frustration! 

The one which took the longest time to make is the one with the birthday cake. The others took me between one or two hours, tops. And I find that quite amazing myself, since I am a novice to vector illustration and to AD...

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