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  1. Nicole

    Watercolor & Ink Simulation

    OMG! I have spent two days fighting with three different trial programs to get this effect for a graphic novel...THANK YOU!!!
  2. Hi, Odd question: when I first open Affinity, and click the little gear in Layer Effects (like to put a gradient on text), the dialogue box flashes then disappears. My dock says it's an open window, but nothing happens when I click that, and I can't find or access it anywhere. Each time I quit and reopen, I might get to use it once, then it disappears again. It was working fine earlier. Any ideas? Thank you, Nicole
  3. Nicole

    Horror story book cover.

    Very nice! Creepy, thoughtful and has that retro look that is very trendy right now. :-)
  4. Nicole

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi All I'm Nicole from Washington state, USA. I was an avid Serif customer until I switched to my Mac, although I've continued to recommend the company to my Windows friends - great customer service, intuitive products, and fabulous prices. Since Photoshop came with my beloved Mac, I've made myself try to use it, but I hated it. I was soooo excited to see these new programs! I'm using Affinity primarily to do post-production on 3D renders for my book covers, and Affinity is going to be perfect! Thank you!!!!
  5. Nicole

    www.obsidiandawn.com brushes

    They have great "Tribal Tattoo" brushes, too, which imported just fine to Affinity. :-)