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[KNOWN ISSUES] Common issues found in the Affinity 1.9.0 update

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Below is a list of common issues affecting the 1.9.0 update which have been fixed in the latest 1.9.1 update:

  • Scaled text frame changing text size when grouped.
  • Crashing when clicking My Account to register app (Windows)
  • App crashes on Startup (Windows)
  • Issues with Focus Merge when hardware acceleration is turned on (Windows)
  • Performance problems when Paragraph Panel is visible (Windows)
  • App crashes when opening specific 1.8 & beta documents
  • Monochromatic iconography not working (macOS)
  • Fixed JPEG and TIFF export filter descriptions (was confusingly "Affinity Files") (Windows)
  • Icons being small (macOS)
  • Incorrect cursors being shown for certain tools (macOS)
  • App crash when printing document that has multiple Designer artboards

For more information on updating your app, please read [FAQ] Downloading the Latest and Previous versions of Affinity apps?

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