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Paul Ingraham

control over dimensions of exported slices

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I would love to have arbitrary control over the dimensions of exports from slices.  Right now I can only tinker with the size of whole document exports (File > Export). But if I’m exporting slices, which I regularly want to do, I seem to be stuck with 1x, 2x, 3x. I want to export smaller versions of slices more often than larger. At the very least, I’d like 25% and 50% options, but full control over the exported dimensions is what I really want.


I’m surprised more users aren’t asking for this here. Perhaps my workflow is unusual, but … surely other web publishers start with the maximum resolution possible and then export smaller versions of it?


P.S. Export preview desperately desired too!  (I know it's on the roadmap. And it can't come soon enough for me!)

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Hi Paul Ingraham,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

The Export Persona will be improved with more export options and previews later. There's already a few threads requesting it so you're not alone on this one.

Just give devs some time. There's several features being worked...

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