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In doing astrophotography, these two features are really essential. I really love using AP for editing, but it becomes nearly impossible to with astrophotography because it's missing these two features. Especially because AP has features like LAB, it could be a really great tool potentially - and I don't think (at least the median mode) is very difficult to implement.

They're useful for stacking photos - when taking pictures of the night sky without a tracker, you're limited in the exposure length you can use, because the Earth is rotating. To get a useful picture, you really need an exposure with at least ISO 3200, making very noisy images. The solution is to take multiple pictures and align them in post, and then use a median filter to remove the noise (which is incredibly effective).

It's useful for other things as well - basically any noise reduction. There are perfectly clear stacks of images taken at ISO 25,600 or higher - and the median filter can get rid of people walking in front of a landscape, for example. 

My point is, these are really useful features for everyone and could add a lot to the abilities of AP and make it a very appealing software for another group of photographers.

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I think what you want to do is equivalent to a Photoshop align layers, correct?  I want to do something very similar as well and wondering if I can.  I have a large document that I scanned in two pieces, with some overlap in the scans.  In Photoshop I could make it do a photo merge with auto-alignment and have one large, properly aligned and merged image.

I think you and I are wanting basically the same feature, correct?

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  • Staff

In other applications, things are often destructive..


Whenever we refer to a feature as "Live" it implies a non-destructive workflow (like Live Filters).


Our "Live Stacks" implementation has the following benefits:


1.) The auto-alignment transforms applied to each image in the stack are user-tweakable and non-destructive.

2.) The stack itself is not an embedded object / "Smart Object". This is quite powerful - you can tweak the alignment transforms and see the stacked result (median, mean, etc.) in real time.

3.) Because you can use many Photo tools on multiple-layer selections, you can, for example, select a number of images in the stack then use the "Erase" brush on them - this will dynamically remove the erased areas from the stacked result in real time.


As I said before, the next beta will contain the stack construct itself - but the auto-alignment capabilities will follow in a future beta. I appreciate that without auto-alignment, the whole notion of a stack is somewhen limited - but I want to put what we have so far out there so you guys can have a play with it while we complete the alignment things :)





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