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  1. My question is actually a bit more generic than this. I've managed to somehow mess up my Affinity Photo user interface and panels, and can't figure out what I did. The simplest explanation is that when I select the clone stamp brush I cannot change the hardness and other features, like opacity. Similiar issues arise when I'm entering text. Normally this type of stuff (brush hardness and opacity, text font, etc.) shows up as a wide thin banner above the image. But its gone for me. Trying to attach a screen shot, fingers crossed. I'm sure I've someohow hit a key combination that turned this off, but cannot figure out how to fix. As you can see in the screenshot, I've selected the clone brush. But the banner with the adjustments is missing. Thanks!
  2. I have this same problem. My "Affinity Photo" app is in the Applications folder. When I am in Photos I select a photo, then Image | Edit With | Affinity Photo. It then loads into Affinity Photo just fine, I make all my adjustments, but no matter what I do I cannot get the end result echo'd back into Photos.
  3. Thats exactly what I want as well. For a logo design.
  4. Still using Aperture 3 for some of my work, and have Affinity Photo as my default external editor. If I pass the file from Aperture to Affinity photo as a PSD file, will Affinity write back as a layered PSD file? Wanting to store my masters back in Aperture if possible. Currently I've been storing a flattened JPG back to Aperture and the .afphoto file to a directory that I manage myself.
  5. I know how to resize a layer, how to rotate a layer, and how to shear it (make it a rhombus). What I can't figure out is how to turn that layer into a trapezoid. What I want to do, for example, is grab each top corner and push them both in towards the center. The bottom length will be greater than the top length, but top and bottom stay parallel to each other. Any way to do this? Thanks.
  6. We'll try this: AffinityQuestion copy by Bill Jurasz, on Flickr
  7. I'm kinda stuck here and not sure what to do next. I've attached a screen capture. What I've done so far is masked out just the car and applied a threshold to the car. You can see the transparent section around the car, and then the black and white portions of the car. What I want to do is replace all the transparent part and all the white part with a particular shade of blue. So the image will result with only two colors - black and that light blue. I tried putting a large blue rectangle on a layer beneath all this, but two problems. One, it doesn't affect the white. Two, the threshold layer above it turns the blue into solid black anyway. Tried doing a color replacement brush on the white but oddly it never too effect, even after I merged the threshold and masked layers into one. 1. So the obvious first question is, what are my next steps. 2. Next question is, can a layer mask be copied from one layer onto another layer? (not moved, copied). 3. Can I use the black and white image as a mask layer itself to let the blue background bleed through? 4. Any way to do this AND keep the threshold layer live so that I can play with the setting and see the blue/black result in real time? Thanks!
  8. Just tried this and my Topaz Labs plug-ins now show up, but I get this error trying to launch Simplify: ICP Memory in use or image size too big for the system. Huh?
  9. Glad I stumbled on this! Taking this further, if I want to use a brush on a mask then I also need to not select the color of the brush I use on the mask, but rather its opacity?
  10. Will this work in Aperture? And what file type must Photos (or Aperture) export for editing? TIFF? PSD? Thanks. :)
  11. Hi! New user here. My Photoshop CS5 won't run on my Mac w/o a serious down-rev of Flash (why does CS use Flash???) and I don't really want to do the monthly rental thing. So I found Affinity Photo. Glad I did. :) I do mostly automotive and amateur racing on the side.
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