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I was downloading my image to an online service that would create multiple images from a single photo.  I use these and transfer each image to a ceramic tile. Often this means over 500 separate tiles (for example an image divided into a grid of 25 columns and 25 rows of separate ceramic tiles.  I understand how to create slices in the export personna. What I would like to know is if there is a way to, for example create a single slice of, say, 100 pixels x 100 pixels and then copy that so that I do not have to create each tile individually and move it into place. Right now I have to create the 100x 100 slice, put it in the upper left corner. Then place the cursor over a corner of that slice and create an entirely new slice of the same size. That would mean individually making hundreds of slices manually and moving them.  When I send this to an online site all I have to do is send them the photo and tell them how many columns and rosw and they send me all the individual jpg images that I needf, one for each ceramic tile that I will transfer the images to.  I have seen some android programs that will do this also, but I was wondering if there is a way to do this, automatically" in affinity photo or even one of the other affinity programs.  The image attached shows the first  several slices that I made individually. 

Slicing or Tiling.jpg

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@TheDoc Welcome to the forums.

Sorry for the delay we are very busy at the moment. The option to be able to duplicate a slice in the Export persona has been requested and it may be a feature added in a future update/version. For now you would need to manually create the slices you wish to export, which if you're wanting small slices will take some time.

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Hi @Lee D, the ability to quickly and accurately create many slices is very easy with tiles/rectangles, that can be created using Power Duplicate. Then all rectangles (they can also be grouped) are selected in the Layers panel of the Export Persona, and the appropriate Slices is created using Create Slice. However, these Slices are only connected to the source rectangles, so unfortunately they do not export the image. Could it be easily redirected?

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Hi @Pšenda,

I had a same issue - it is easy to create the tiles with Power Duplicate, but slices generated from those layers are only empty (white) rectangles. What I did is that duplicated the image I want to slice (Background layer in my case) as many times as is the number of tiles and than I moved each copy of the image "into" the tile (rectangle layer).  It could be easily automated with a little macro (attached).

Here is the process quickly demonstrated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_KCvhYue4U



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