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  1. Thank you for your prompt response. I understand about inline pinning of the table so that it moves with the paragraph. But how do I link the image with the table and use the inline pinning to move the table that, hopefully contains the image. I was using the table to move both the image and the caption to the image as one so that they do not get separated if they are moved low on the page. Is there any other way that you can think of to link the table and the cation without using a table to keep them together.
  2. I have watched all the Youtube videos available on affinity publisher and cannot find a specific answer to this question. I am creating a book in affinity publisher that contains tables made of 2 rows and one column. The top row contains an image and the bottom row contains a description of the image. I would like to place this in a text box so that if I add text above it the table, including the image within the table moves with the text. If this is possible to do then I would also like it to pop onto the next page as does the text when enough text has been moved.
  3. I was downloading my image to an online service that would create multiple images from a single photo. I use these and transfer each image to a ceramic tile. Often this means over 500 separate tiles (for example an image divided into a grid of 25 columns and 25 rows of separate ceramic tiles. I understand how to create slices in the export personna. What I would like to know is if there is a way to, for example create a single slice of, say, 100 pixels x 100 pixels and then copy that so that I do not have to create each tile individually and move it into place. Right now I have to create the
  4. I have attached a picture of the mural that stands above the auditorium of my high school that I last attended 51 years ago. Due to the angle that the picture is taken (from center below) it is not it's actual rectangle. I have tried the warp tool but have not been successful creating a "perfect" rectangle out of the picture. It almost looks like the photo was taken with a fish eye lens. The people surrounding the center pair are actually standing normally and not leaning into the center. Any suggestions?
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