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Best output size for images that will be used in other programs? (was: Margie McCormack)

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I am using Affinity Designer.  I learn new things every time I use it.  I also use Sure Cuts A Lot 5 Pro to do print and cut.

I am having issues with the png or svgs I save loading in the Sure Cuts A Lot program.  Can you please advise the

best size etc to save the images I make to use in other programs?

Thank you so much.


Margie McCormack

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Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums, @Margie McCormack.

What kind of issues are you having? Is there some specific error message?

-- Walt
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Usually I would convert fonts to curves but if your cutter software is on the same computer then that shouldn't matter so I'd give it a shot

The reason for suggesting the no viewbox is this:

With Viewbox
<svg width="100%" height="100%" viewBox="0 0 466 212" version="1.1" ---->

Without Viewbox
<svg width="466px" height="212px" version="1.1" ----->

Note there is no size definition in the first, I think the 100% may confuse the other software so the aspect ratio is lost. An svg file can be viewed with a text editor although it's a bit geeky. Good luck

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I am new to all of this.  I wanted the Affinity Designer program to make svgs to make designs for my Cricut Designs as well as Sure Cuts A Lot 5 Pro.  When I try to import a design to Cricut Design Space it says it is to large.

I am welcoming all information I can get.  Once I do it then I can remember how.

I am sorry, I am not sure what you mean by Viewbox? Will you please explain?


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Hmm, I answered last night, must be the Christmas post...
However I have played a bit more with Cricut Design Space and it seems that it doesn't accept
- svg files with text, they must be converted to curves (Affinity speak) or paths (Inkscape)
- embedded images in a svg file
So to use images you would need to upload those as jpegs, pngs whatever then insert them onto the canvas in Design Space.
I tried uploading a ginormous 9934 x 14044 px 2.92 Mb png file, everything went white and I had to kill the program
So I cut it down to 4967 x 7022px 945kb and it worked

Cricut help
doesn't give any particular details

If you are uploading svg files comprising shapes and other vector data then they are going to be pretty small and should not cause an issue.
Essentially I think most work should be done in Design Space, svg editors can be used to produce shapes and effects that it cannot do.
Viewbox is an expression of coordinates that tells the viewing program how to display the file, I'd forget about it and leave it to the program that produces the svg.
I think that's the best that I can do, playing with Design Space has put me off Cricut machines completely.

You'll probably get better advice from a dedicated Cricut forum where users have already been through these hoops.

Microsoft Windows 11 Home, Intel i7-1360P 2.20 GHz, 32 GB RAM, 1TB SSD, Intel Iris Xe
Affinity Photo - 24/05/20, Affinity Publisher - 06/12/20, KTM Superduke - 27/09/10

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Hi. Sorry I'm a bit late into this conversation. I actually came here looking for help with SVGs for cut files, but feel I can add a little bit of additional information.

Firstly David is right, you deffo need to deactivate the View Box as this will impact the size of the final SVG. Also, make sure your dpi is set to 72. I make my SVGs on a 12x12 inch file with dpi at 72 and this opens at the same size in Cricut.

I also convert all text to curves, clean up the nodes if necessary, and then 'Create Compound' with any joined up text. Also grouping your text helps preserve the layout for when it is opened in Cricut.

Hope that helps a bit.

I am having a bit of a strange issue in that when my SVG is saved, the thumbnail only shows certain parts of the text. I've gone right back to basics to try to understand this. In the attached, I have written some text and converted it to curves. The Fill is turned off and the stroke is set to 1. If I export the file at this stage (Export settings with Viewbox disabled), you can see that without making any other changes to any of the 'text' the middle 2 words are missing. The thumbnail in Cricut shows the same thing, although once uploaded it understands all the text. Once fully opened in Cricut, the text is showing as filled instead of stroke only.

Last time I posted a request for help on SVGs, I didn't get any, so I'm not expecting much, but if anyone has any pointers for resolving this, I would be grateful. The reason it is an issue, apart from being annoying, is that these files will be sold, and many purchasers will not look past the fact that the thumbnail is missing parts of the image.

Many thanks




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