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Document Error/Bug: loading.\n\n The document must now close.

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I'm getting this error message whenever I am trying to save a document in Designer as .afdesign


  • I then click "Close" and the document shuts down.
  • It saves the document as a .afdesign file
  • I re-open it
  • The file is corrupt
  • Designer sort of freezes


  • Re-installed Designer
  • Shut down the program
  • I am pretty sure I restarted my PC, but not 100%

The problem about this

  • It's super annoying that i can't re-open files
  • I have to re-open Designer each time

Does it happen 100% of the time?

Well, yes.

It did it ca. twice and then it worked again and now it's everytime.

Please help me

Thanks in advance :)

- Vitus

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Was losing my mind. Recreated my book at mid stage... I make interim PDFs as I proceed.  Then seemed to have lost it again almost at completion. File would not open. AffPub freezes and zip, nada, zilch! I found this thread about files in the cloud vs. on device. Moved the related directory of files from my OneDrive to my HDD and voila, my book came back to life!

I have been an avid and long-time Serif customer--despite the genuine irritation of having to re-validate my Serif installs. (Another year-end PC wipe coming up.) I must confess that the 'Affinity' customer experience leaves me wanting, badly! Seriously guys, cloud-based files are a problem? Meaning that any normal file is a problem? We ARE in the cloud era!  There was supposed to be a fix coming in 2019, right?

Suggestion Affinity: Those of us who are in are in. We have paid to get  the Affinity Series underway. However, feel free to raise the price for new buyers but PLEASE FIX these basic issues.

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