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  1. Nice idea Walt, I will try this. It is still a workaround though. I hope that the Affinity folks who designed this feature did so from meaningful use cases. Maybe I am employing these (patterns/stylistic styles ) oddly, but they seem to need a little more through on usability.
  2. @walt.farrell I made a video before this but hid it since you presented the solution. Thank you. Part of my video comment is still valid: Since Affinity is a UK Company, home of the English dictionary no less, I'm thinking that they should have above normal facility with words. How about 'Styles' for TSt and 'Patterns' for the styles that we are discussing here. Just a thought.
  3. OK. This works. You can ignore my video. I will take some blame but I will harp on UI intuitiveness needing a boost. I bought the books and I have to keep going back to them too often.
  4. Bruce, thanks. Your video applies to text styles (TSt). I was referring to those other graphic styles in the specialty/decorative styles panels (Styles). Here is a another problem with the use of the term 'styles' that needs cleaning up in the Aff Design UI. See attached image. If you know how to clear these easily---other than History--would love to get that tip.
  5. Please, please, Affinity, just add a 'Reset Text' option in the contextual dialog when I highlight the text that I want to revert to its normal state. The 'History Timeline' approach is much too cumbersome for such a simple task. We're just dumping stuff! I want to use styles and I always hate myself for not duplicating the text first. Sometimes, I cannot. It is not until I am well into a design that I might want to change the applied style. The Timeline approach is both ineffective and frustrating to do something so utterly simple. I will say it again--even if I suspect that is an
  6. Version 1.9.0 seemed stable on my first use but 1.9.1 right came along and I am stuck again. I left a 4-month piece of work, finished and fully saved, for a final review next morning. The update came overnight and now my file is not usable. Had a coincident Windows update too. However, my older files will open but the one completed on 1.9.0 will not open. 1.9.1 simply shuts down. Tried to roll back my AffPub version but 1.9.0 will not download from my Affinity account. The problem is not my license. It's not my login. It's not the cloud; I had already moved that work to my HDD.
  7. Was losing my mind. Recreated my book at mid stage... I make interim PDFs as I proceed. Then seemed to have lost it again almost at completion. File would not open. AffPub freezes and zip, nada, zilch! I found this thread about files in the cloud vs. on device. Moved the related directory of files from my OneDrive to my HDD and voila, my book came back to life! I have been an avid and long-time Serif customer--despite the genuine irritation of having to re-validate my Serif installs. (Another year-end PC wipe coming up.) I must confess that the 'Affinity' customer experience leaves me want
  8. Helmar, as the seeming 'bitch' who started this off again, I was not, as you say 'bitching.' I was looking for help as a new user of AffPub. I am a Serif user going way back, promoted the products enthusiastically, even gave away my old copies to Developing country home schools so they could do quality work on a dime. I also bought into Affinity line 100%, AffPub being the last. As a marketer though--one who had served as Product Marketing point person for an eight figure portfolio--I can assure you that customer sentiment is pure gold. The company must have the maturity to embrace that f
  9. Not sure if this belongs under Menus or Customization. It may be sacrilegious to use the 'MS' word within this Community. However, I have lived with Microsoft Word--not Publisher--for a loooong time so It has shaped my habits. I think Affinity could take some hints from them. Whatever your opinion of the infamous MS 'Ribbon,' I was never a big fan, the ability to create your own custom tool bar is a big deal. None of us use the full range of features in any product. Conversely, we all use some of them extensively--that Pareto rule thing. As a newbie, I have spent waaay too much time YouTu
  10. It is November 2020 and this issue has been around for *more than* a couple of years now. I've been a user of Serif products for almost a decade, and owner of A-Designer and A-Photo--since their inception. I recently purchased A-Publisher to take me beyond MS Word and save me from MS Publisher. I honestly did not expect to find a publishing product without an end-notes/footnotes capability. This is not just a feature gap. It is a defect. Please fix this.
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