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I am brand new to shooting raw and affinity and I am slowly going through all of the tutorials. (I do food photography and there is nothing remotely related in the tutorials.)


I noticed my photos looks great when I upload to affinity and work on them. After developing, the photos look pixelated in affinity, which distorts things a bit. When I export as a jpeg, it doesn't show the pixelation. Has anyone else experienced this?



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Hi Sandi,


Welcome to the Forums :)


Could you please attach the file you are having the issue with to this thread so that I may investigate this further?



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When using the Beta in my Macbook Pro with Retina Display I remember I saw the pixelation issue during sometime in the process of working with pictures.... Resizing, color correcting, etc.


It happened several  times and was about to report it because I thought the final image would look that way  but when I saw that the exported final image didn't have the pixelation I forgot about it.


Can't remember the exact steps but I replicated it several times... Haven't used it lately but will see if I can see the pixelation again..


Fernando Velarde


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