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  1. Hi. I appreciate your taking the time to help. I clicked the icon for the dodge/burn tool that I found after watching the lighting tutorial. I didn't realize a layer was involved. Is there a tutorial you recommend I watch for better instruction? I am a food blogger and there is nothing in the tutorials that are really geared towards my niche so I am having to piece things together. Thanks again Sandi
  2. I am still a beginner and I am almost embarrased to ask, but how do I get the drag and burn tool to work? I see on the bottom text that says drag and an arrow, but I must not be doing it correctly because nothing happens. Thank you Sandi
  3. I am not sure what file, I can send a screen shot of what I see after I hit develop. Would this help? Sandi
  4. I am brand new to shooting raw and affinity and I am slowly going through all of the tutorials. (I do food photography and there is nothing remotely related in the tutorials.) I noticed my photos looks great when I upload to affinity and work on them. After developing, the photos look pixelated in affinity, which distorts things a bit. When I export as a jpeg, it doesn't show the pixelation. Has anyone else experienced this? Sandi