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Pasting text which contains macrons

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I have a large text which I have prepared in Word. It contains many Māori words which contain macrons (as shown). When I paste the text into Affinity Publisher, any word which contains a macron is displayed as a set of squares. The text style is set with a font which supports macrons, and by manually typing in the Māori word with a macron, the word displays without problem. How can I paste my text into Affinity without losing the words which contain macrons?

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If you are on Windows, use Paste Special and paste the text as Unicode. RTF format for some strange reason makes everything (or at least words containing macrons) appear in squares (non-recognized glyphs):


UPDATE: The text seems to lose formatting when pasted as unicode (as it says: Unicode Text), but at least you get the glyphs. This seems to be mostly Affinity specific problem as there are no problems when pasting to other apps, e.g. InDesign, CorelDRAW, Xara, LibreOffice Writer, etc. which all paste macrons fully formatted. (QuarkXPress 2018 pastes just Unicode as unformatted text, similarly as Publisher.)

On MacOS, you just get squares in Publisher. In QuarkXPress (2018) you would get Unicode text but correct glyphs, in Pages you would get formatted text but wrong glyphs, but in e.g. Mail form, you would get fully formatted text with correct glyphs. So interestingly, on macOS you would have a workaround in copy pasting your text from Word onto a mail form, then copying it again and then pasting it in Publisher, and you would get fully formatted Unicode with correct glyphs. Strange... 

UPDATE2: On Windows, if you want fully formatted Unicode from Word, copy paste the text in LibreOffice Writer and the copy it from there and paste in Publisher. EDIT: LibreOffice puts Rich Text Format on Clipboard, so it seems to be a question about how Rich Text Format is encoded in specific situations. Affinity apps cannot understand the format Word uses in this specific situation, but do understand the format LibreOffice uses:


UPDATE3: Note that these problems only happen when transferring data using Clipboard. You would not experience problems when importing a Word document with formatted macrons. 

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You're welcome. Yes, Paste Special normally does not exist in macOS apps (even if it does in Microsoft Office apps). This is a strange bug as it does not affect all glyphs within the same character sub set so most of the Extended Latin A glyphs transfer just fine, but in addition to macrons, there are many that do not.

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