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  1. My sincere apologies for not getting back to your sooner. The last few weeks have been frantic. It seems to be a printer specific problem too. The garbled text is produced on our large multi-function Kyocera Network printer, but printing to my little Epson Inkjet is fine. Please find attached the file and two pictures of the different results. I am sorry Callum, I missed your response, and can't get back to the Kyocera to test out other fonts. As I said before - the PDF exports without trouble, and prints from the Kyocera without the same problem. It is not a big problem for us, but I thought that it should be brought to your attention in case there was an issue. Example.afpub
  2. This is a little unusual. I have a Heading Style, which directly prints without problem from Publisher on one page, but the same style on another page prints out garbled text. However, if I convert the pages to PDF, there is no problem when printing out the PDF version. I have checked the Style of both pages, and there doesn't seem to be any extraneous additions from one page to the next. Exporting to PDF is the workaround, but I was wondering if anyone could make sense of it?
  3. I am able to export my document using the Export PDF Print preset. But when I try to export to the PDF/X-4 preset, the "calculating file size" dialogue never completes. When I Export I get an error message "An error occurred when exporting" - not very helpful! I have my document set up for Coated FOGRA39 Any ideas how to approach this? I have the latest version of Mac Affinity Publisher
  4. Another vote for more information about where the overtext can be found. Difficult in a magazine of 56 pages
  5. Congratulations on the launch of Publisher. It looks great, and I am excited to get to learn it. I presently use InDesign, and one feature I found very helpful was a plugin script called index-direct.jsx. By using this script, you could have a full list of the index topics in a separate document, and the script would go through the list and form an index for your main document. A thousand entries were completed in a matter of seconds. I am hoping that Affinity or a script writer will be able to provide a similar piece of software. Cheers.
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