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Resizing the document scales the radius of corners

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Story to illustrate what this feature is useful for:

I designed a UI image (in designer) at the size of the retina iPad screen.  Later I realised that I should have made the document the size of the old iPad screen and used the @2x export in the slices tool to get the retina resolution.  So I edited the document properties and scaled the document down to half its original size.  It worked well except that the rounded corners on all my buttons and boxes maintained the original radius from the larger image, giving the appearance that the radii of all those corners had doubled, relative to the new size of the design.


Feature request:

When resizing a shape in the main UI, it is usually desirable that the corners maintain their radius regardless of the scale of the shape.  However, when resizing the entire document, it would be better to scale the corner radii proportionally to the change in document scale so that the appearance of the document remains the same after rescaling.

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My issue seems to be I need help with this serious issue please: I'm making a 4"w x 2"H rounded corner label with a 1/8" radius (.125") for the corners. My document size is bonafide 4" by 2" artboard, and inches as the type, so everything should be 100% to scale. I have Absolute Sizes and Single Radius both checked. I type in my 1/8" corner value (.125 in.). However, when exported and sent to printer even though typed in ".125 for my corner radius (because that's what the label template calls for) the corners NEVER line up to the .125 radius of the actual label. This makes no sense to me, what is going on here? Thanks

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