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Affinity rejects images for use in "Stitching"

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Today I tried to capture an image off a post-card which was too long for my scanner. So I thought I should try the "Stitching Panoramas" feature of Affinity.

Here are the steps I used:

  1. Scanned left hand side of the image, which resulted in a .png image (my joice),
  2. Scanned rest of the image, which resulted in a second .png image,
  3. Read the two images into Affinity,
  4. Cropped the left hand side image as it contained some text which I was not interested in. This copping created, of course, two images of slightly different sizes.
  5. Next I went to File>New Panorama in Affinity. This opened the Panorama Stitching window.
  6. I then used the add option to add the two images.
  7. So far so good .....
  8. Next I clicked on the "Stitch Panorama" button. This caused an error message which says "No Panoramas found". How come? What exactly makes a couple of images a panorama?

Attached is a screen shot which shows that my two images appeared to be accepted.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Ian,

thanks for the quick response. You are absolutely right in suggesting that I use the left and right scanned images before cutting the text from the left image. In fact, instead of scanning the card once more, I simply took three pictures of it using my iPod Touch (an Apple phone, without the phone 😁), left - centre - right, and then added these pictures to the Panorama Stitch process. And that worked just fine.

Thans again for your help.

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