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Keyboard shortcut bug - Danish/Nordic keyboards etc.

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(I know shortcuts can be modified - but this is a bug report)

Keyboard shortcuts for 'Move element back one', forward one, move to front etc. uses the [ ] keys. These chars have their own key on an English keyboard. On other keyboards, they are accessed via a shortcut, so:

  • English shortcut for 'Move forward one:' Control + ]
  • Danish shortcut must be: Control + Alt Gr + 9

because I access ']' with Alt Gr + 9

It does not work in Designer. Instead it makes Designer select the layer above the active layer.

I gave up using Designer for hobby use - a "professional" vector drawing program without actual vector features. Customers waiting for five years in vain is more than any company can ask for.

Maybe if Affinity Designer 2.0 gets real and advanced vector features I can it use. Until then... I am a customer, a potential upgrader and an active observer with an opinion. Currently I am slowly finishing a project I started in Designer.

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