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Subtract operation leaves weird shapes

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Dear Affinity Users,

I noticed that since recently, whenever I do a boolean subtraction, I am left afterwards with some thin parabolic snippets that stick out from the original shape.

Even if I try to do another subtract operation to remove that snippet, it remains unaffected.

I thought that this might be a bug, or has it something to do with my settings?



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Fadi, there are some problems with the boolean functions but this looks weird compared to anything else I have seen.  Are you subtracting the dark blue from the green, or the black, etc.?  Or is it something else?  Maybe a video might help.  Can you provide more info and that section of your drawing to see if it can reproduced?  Actually the sliver looks like it was left when subtracting the black from the green.  And it's just on top of the dark blue.

iMac (27-inch, Late 2009) with macOS Sierra

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The dark green layer that you see on the far right stretched all the way from the far right to the far left.

In the previous picture I drew a smaller dark blue square to mark the snippet that remained after the operation.

The original square that I used for subtraction covered everything except that vertical dark green bar on the far right (as in the picture below)

Of course I made sure that the dark blue square was in front of the dark green layer before doing the subtraction.

And it did cut away everything that was covered, except for this snippet.

I also double checked that the snippet is not part of some other duplicate layer (it really is part of the dark green layer).



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Sorry I'm still not sure if I am understanding it correctly.  I think you are saying a large blue square was subtracted from a dark green shape with a curved top, and it looks like the sliver is where the curve was straightened out.  No that's not right either.  Sorry I can't offer any help.

iMac (27-inch, Late 2009) with macOS Sierra

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Hi Sean,

I could not reverse the process after I saved the project and closed it.

I tried to repeat the process, but this time it did not have the sliver.

Often it works as expected, but sometimes it does not.

If it happens again I can post the before/after result in here.

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