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Compatibility with After Effects

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Hi - I have been a long time user of adobe products, over 20 years, and am now trying to move over to Affinity products instead. One of my pain points is designing in Designer and bringing those assets into After Effects. The main feature I would like for Designer is to be able to set up layers in designer and have After Effects see them. In Illustrator I usually set up my animatable elements on separate layers so when I import the file into After Effects those layer will turn into AE layers.

My current workflow is to create my design in Designer, export out as an EPS. Bring the EPS into Illustrator and break it up into the correct layers and saving an Illustrator file to import into AE.

Now I do understand that Adobe has the advantage of making their apps work together to make this work out but it would be so awesome if you guys could do this. Actually it would be even more spectacular if you guys made an app for mograph like AE but that's such a niche app that I'd understand if this wasn't even on your radar.


Thanks for your time!

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9 minutes ago, Zoprzero said:

I have yet to look into Fusion but is is on my list. Thanks!

Standard version is "FREE", even Studio version is less than $300 onetime payment.

It's node based software so rather similar to "Nuke" which used to be Hollywood's standard than AfterEffects.
You may take a time to be accustomed, but it must be very capable.

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Posting this in AE threads:

A real After Effects competitor is now being developed and in open beta, and everyone who is interested should check it out and encourage both developers to make sure the native file formats for Designer and Photo are interoperable with this new app.


Going to be a modern design, hardware-accelerated from the ground up like Affinity apps. Pricing will be a free version and a sub version (unfortunately), about the same cost as AE or a little cheaper if you pay annually. In any case AE's major flaw is it's performance today, so I plan to use this new app instead, possibly the free version at first and then if the paid features are worth it, the sub. Would rather pay a small developer a sub than pay Adobe for single app license. Less of a clear choice if you pay more to get the suite, or if Adobe drops their single app price well below $20, but at least there will be a choice now.

For those saying Resolve (or Apple Motion) are AE alternatives, they're really not. Only for certain things like design of lower thirds, keying, text animation stuff, etc. Animation and FX wise there's not much comparison, especially if one considers 3rd party plugins. TBD what plugins will be supported in Cavalry but hopefully Red Giant and others will be involved.

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Hi, I too would like to know if there is already a solution for moving AFFINITY DESIGNER files into IILLUSTRATOR / After EFFECTS without having the layer structure destroyed and being forced to rename the layers.  I´d like to know also if Affinity is working on this?  For me personally, I work much more faster in Affinity Designer than in Illustrator, so I´d appreciate not to be forced into a workaround to move the files to AI and reorder and rename everything.

By the way: Thanks for the Designer app, I love it!



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