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Affinity Developer not working with Apple Photos

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Since today, using Affinity Photo 1.8.3, Affinity Developer doesn't work with its Apple Photos plug-in. The picture file (ORF RAW) can open in Affinity Developer, changes can be made, but when restoring back in Apple Photos following message appear: "Editing with 'Affinity Develop' not possible. An unexpected error has occurred." Please provide a solution. Thanks in Advance.

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Can the dev and marketing staff take into consideration the possibility of (a) including a warning with the product description of the Apple Store and Affinity Store to the effect that the Affinity Photo extensions might not work with Apple Photos for some users and (b) adding a prominent sticky note (or whatever it is called) to the appropriate fora describing these long standing problems between Apple Photos and Affinity.

Indeed, I am wondering if this is ever going to be solved and would suggest that it might even be time to pull the Affinity Develop and Edit in Affinity Extensions from the app altogether.

The fact that it is only a "select group" (as one moderator described it) who are experiencing these bugs should not minimize the importance of fixing this sooner rather than later. 

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19 hours ago, HenkF said:

 I consider to ask for a refund.

I did not intend my frustration about these bugs to disparage Affinity overall. While the lack of obvious progress in fixing these issues is frustrating, there are still a lot of good things that can be done with Affinity. The extensions other than Affinity Develop and Edit in Affinity work well within Apple Photos. There are also work arounds for the Edit In Affinity extension and Affinity does work well in stand alone mode. It is still a good product .... but would be much better once these bugs with Apple Photos are fixed.

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Just viewed the functionality of Pixelmator Pro. The selection tool is less user-friendly as the one in Affinity Photo. But, it works well as Apple Photo plug-in. It also works with layers. So I will go for the trial version. And see what it'll bring to my workflow.

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If by Affinity Developer you are referring to the Affinity Develop extension, you can develop raw photos in the Edit in Affinity Photo extension to Apple Photos. You can then save the developed raw (Develop) and continue editing with Affinity or close Affinity and save thé changes in Apple Photos. In that sense, the Affinity Develop extension is somewhat redundant, although admittedly, since it’s there it would be nice if it actually worked. 
Apple Photos is also fairly reasonable in raw development on its own. 

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