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  1. Thanks. I found it. My eyesight needs some major tweaking:)
  2. Really like most of what I'm seeing and doing with Affinity Publisher. Really puzzled by one omission. Why no exporting as a PDF?
  3. I have had the Affinity Photo workbook for sometime now and find it to be a quality book in information and in workmanship. I find it frustrating, however, in using it along side Affinity, as it being hardbound makes it awkward to keep open. I read online recently where someone suggested taking it to Staples and having it spiral bound. Well, I fell for it and took it to a Staples and they pretty much laughed at me while saying it couldn't be done due to it being hardbound. Are there any businesses that can spiral bind this book? Given that this is a "workbook," wouldn't it make more sense to publish this book as a spiral bound book to enhance its usability? Any chance that it may be offered as a spiral bound someday?
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