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Affinity Trading Cards – The Imaginary Set


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Alongside my earlier trading cards, here’s a cheeky little flyer for some totally imaginary Affinity applications that might, possibly, maybe, perhaps, hopefully exist at some point in the future, in the fullness of time, if all goes well and the wind is behind us.
As with the other set, they’re just a bit of fun, done as an experiment and nothing more than that.

Wishlist Flyer@0.5x.png

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I realize that the numbers on the cards in the two threads are quite possibly just for fun in this context, but more generally, what is the purpose of the numbers please? Are they just item numbers in a set, or are they scores in a game? I notice that one is even, five are odd. One is a square, two are prime. I like the choice of colours.


Until December 2022, using a Lenovo laptop running Windows 10 in England. From January 2023, using an HP laptop running Windows 11 in England.

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Thanks for the interest William.
These cards were supposed to be representations of collectible cards, maybe not “Top Trumps” as I said in my other post but maybe a bit more like the cards you buy in small packs such as “Pokemon”, or similar, where you build up the collection bit by bit.
The numbers on this sort of card are there to allow the collector to see if they have the full set or not; if they are missing one of the numbers then they are missing a card.
The numbers on my earlier cards were the last two digits of the year the respective application was first released, 2014, 2015, 2019.
For these cards I merely came up with years in which the imaginary applications could be released, 2021, 2023 and 2025.
Since none of these cards will be created in real life they can just be treated as merely minor graphic devices which add a little interest to the design.

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I was thinking of a design for (the hypothetical) Affinity Impact (3d based on ImpactPlus 5, and enhanced) and I thought of the Quick Cube, as in PagePlus X7, as part of the design. Yet, there is no Cube Tool or Cylinder Tool in Affinity Designer. They and Cone Tool could be helpful in Affinity Designer.

The Affinity Impact card to carry the number 20 maybe?

I wonder if Serif still has the source code for ImpactPlus 5 and I wonder if some of that and some code from Affinity Designer could be put together.

I know, I know!

Number 22 could be (the hypothetical) Affinity Analogue Hybrid Computer Simulation program.

I know, I know, even more so!

But, well, aim high and if one says what one would like then one might be pleasantly surprised.


Until December 2022, using a Lenovo laptop running Windows 10 in England. From January 2023, using an HP laptop running Windows 11 in England.

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It’s fairly easy to make a basic cylinder.
You can use the Isometric Studio in Designer to make cubes fairly easily too.
And a basic cone isn’t particularly difficult either.
See attached image and file for some crude examples.
You can add stuff like this to an Assets library to make it easier to use them when required.

Serif probably still have the source code to Impact Plus 5 (I’d never heard about it before) but the Affinity range is – we are told – built upon a new codebase so they probably wouldn’t use most of it.

Annotation 2020-04-19 134226.png


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