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I have bought Affinity Photo last night after 2 days of searching on the net. 


I have been using Lightroom for 1 year, as hobby and semi-pro works. I really enjoy it but i feel that I should move forward and Lightroom is just a quick package edit tool limits you in some ways.


I have never used Adobe PS, and I have to learn everything here with Affinity Photo. What would you offer me for the start for fast learning? Should I start to watch all of Affinity Tutorial videos with taking notes and ailing them on my photos? or would it be good to watch Adobe PS tutorials too, as it has more source to watch and read and not that different from Affinity Photo?


Thank you'



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Both are useful.  There are many things in AP that are similar to PS but also some things that are done differently.  If I were you I'd start out watching the AP tutorials and practicing to get familiar with the way AP works.  Once you're comfortable with AP you can start to look at PS tutorials and work out how they can be translated to AP.


Don't be afraid to ask questions here, there are many people willing to help where they can.

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Thank you very much for the answer Coranda. I have started to read Help section in AP for now as user manual to be familiar with the terms and then I will do what you recommended me.


Have a great day!

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I had never got my head around Adobe logic in any of their formats and Affinity Photo is like a breath of fresh air. The videos are a bit on the fast side for me but with a little rewind and repeat I am slowly getting there.

What I did find most helpful was a book downloaded from Kindle by Robin Whalley. The basics are all much the same andhe has a number of examples from the book which you can download in .psd and work through switching layers on and off as you go.

Anybody want to have a go at an "Essential Affinity" version?

"Essential Photoshop: How to use 9 essential tools and techniques to transform your photography"


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Hello oflatun,


I provide (as a hobby) Affinity Photo Tutorials on my YouTube-Channel. And new: with english subtitles.

If you want, they are announced in this Forum.



CTU Jack Bauer

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Affinity Jack

Video-Tutorials on YouTube in German with English Subtitles

Link to my YouTube-Channel: AFFINITY JACK


Author in the team of www.affinitytutorials.de, the website all about Affinity Photo & Affinity Designer



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