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Feature Request: Text as Palette - Not Modal

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It would be great to have it as a palette instead of a modal. I also noticed that sometime I'm Cmd+T and start typing a font size (42pt) and the selected text changes to "42" - It's almost as if (it is) that even though the Text Modal is visible the text selection takes precedence. This seems like a focus issue. 


I just tired to replicate the issue and the sollution is to double click the text modal input field BEFORE typing. That extra click is killing me. Cmd+T Should yield a IN FOCUS text modal (please make it a palette) with the font weight selected. 


Ideal Steps:


1) Type some copy

2) Select all Cmd+A

3) Cmd+T to reveal the text modal

4) Input "42"

5) Press return

6) Text Updates.

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 That extra click is killing me.


OK, no answer yet. We all have those issues. And the answer was up to now e.g. “is not a massive time overhead in the big scheme of things“. Well, it is a question of usability if a software wants to kill us. Hoping the software gets less cheap and things get better and better more quickly. Real progress would be e.g.: the input of cu42mm would result in real 42 mm big underlined caps … cu next month? ;-)

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It's a usability issue regardless. It's unexpected behavior, and these "little things" as you put it, pile up, and I can't get behind a decision to "visit usability at a latter time." The core features are great, it's the little things that make this application NOT worth leaving Illustrator. Sure, you have to "unlearn" a bunch of stuff, but there should be some semblance of intuitive interactions. Micro interactions are a key component of a users workflow, especially in design, where repeated interruptions become a key consideration when contemplating abandoning a tool.


This bug, coupled with the lack of ESC/Dismiss modal quick-key is a frustrating recipe. 


TL;DR - You shouldn't have to unlearn anything to get on-boarded.

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