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Hi friends,

As I have writen before, I am not able to blurr the shrinked outline of a selcted image, applying the blurring effect.


I do not give up.l I have tried a new way.....and that is using the blurring brush on the outside of the previously, shrinked selection. The effect that I have got is the same, though seems to be a longer action doing it, the brush does affect only in the way that I wish as prime goal,


Meanwhile...the developpers can see if what I am in need can be worked out,


I must day that I keep on working with the app, being now a proud customer of it,

Thanks a lot. You are a good team.


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Thanks a lot..

I am afraid I do nor know how to do it.....I do not know if it has to be with sone special format, using some other special transferring app. or simply uploading a jpeg file,

One of the members told me how to record a screen image but affinity told me that it was too big. i may try to reducing the size of the composition just to see if it does let me do it,,lI am a bit lost,


In fact I know how to do this all blurring thing, you have t old me bfore, but it does not work, It should work as in photoshop for I have dobe it a thousand times...but it may be my fault too,

I should tell you, too, that each time I try to use to selection shrinking controls, they are really so dificult to manage with the mouse that I had to to do ti with ny wacom pencil. But whenever I ty to do it usei the figures and push the apply button, the selection does not move at all, I have to do it with the wacom pencil, again,

Thanks a lot for y our help...It is embarrasing ti ask for help so m any times...and for the same i ssue!!!!!

Warm greetings for you,


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I assume that Rosa wants the outlines of the puppets themselves blurred, not the entire pics of the puppets.


I, too am very interested in learning how to do this, since I have tried also, but have not been able to achieve this.


@MEB :


Please make the solution to Rosa's question public here in the forum ?





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Thanks for your support, Catlover

Yes...that's it.

MEB already gave me the solution, but It does not work, And I have questioned about this again because it seems that the first one I did ihave been lost in thread,

We hope that we will be able to see what is going on, He is doing a reallyngood work in here!!


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I have tried to achieve the blurred outline of the puppet.

Please take a look at the attached file.

Since I am not a professional graphics designer or artist, 

it may not have been done the correct way, but maybe it comes close to

what you need.

The explanation is on a separate text layer that you can delete.

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Thank you much. O have seen your sample. It is interesting but quite laborious.

I am doing something easier.

Firstly I select the shape, clicking on the layer thumbnail and pushing the command key at the same time.

Once selected I shrink it some pixels...in my case eight is ok. Then I invert the selection and take the blurring brush tool.

With the hardness to cero and may be the opacity to 70.(this is after one´s taste) Y simply brush the outline tha has been left following the shrinking of the selection. So once you take the selection off, you see how nicely has been softened with the blurring.


For the present, I am going to follow this method, though I have to revise MEB´s postings so I may have left something out. unnoticed or simpy overviewed.

I appreciate really much your help.

It is good to feel how your mind has worked in order to help us both!!


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