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Renamed files seem to retain old name internally

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I would like to save an existing afpub file as a new file and then work on it to create a new document using much content from the original file. This seems to work fine until I export a pdf file and open that file in Google Chrome or Firefox. The tabs show part of the old filename, not the new. This is not a problem with Acrobat reader or Internet explorer since they identify tabs by the new filename. I am not including history.  Am I missing something?

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14 hours ago, Dan C said:

thanks for posting your resolution

This is not a resolution, this is a workaround (thx for telling anyway). Saving as... should update the fields also IMO.

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Don't forget that a file could be copied and renamed at an OS level. Publisher could not act on that. I think that the program's action is correct. It would be helpful to draw more attention to the fields in the help documentation in the sections on document creation. We should be updating author and other fields. That is our responsibility not the program's.

There may be times when we do not want the title to be the filename

Elsewhere in the forums there are comments about transfering master pages from one document to a new document. Copying and renaming a file  plus manually updating the fields is a simple way of achieving that and avoids further complicating the program.  Again documentation, or even something in one of the tutorials would be helpful.

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