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  1. Its nothing to do with DAM. It does give a very good raw conversion with raw edits in a sidecar file. It is probably the best Nikon raw converter. It does not have any of the advantages of Affinity for ambitious editing. A problem with it is that it can not open a file in another application such as Affinity or even the unmentionable using a hidden 16 bit tiff file. Even NX-D can do that. If Nikon fix the obvious bugs and omissions then Studio could become a good front end to Affinity. We still require an alternative to LR for DAM. DAM does not seem to be within Affinity's
  2. So was I. I am no longer trying it on the release. You can use the program perfectly well without registering it. Have you tried it on the current beta? I see that you are new here so I hope that you do not mind me reiterating that one should not use beta versions on live projects. Its best to work on a copies of your files.
  3. This seems to be partially fixed in the new Photo Beta . It works at the second attempt in all Photo, Designer , and Publisher betas.
  4. I have started a new thread .Registration with Affinity Store versions of all Apps. This was requested by Patrick Connor
  5. The applications install without errors. When I try to register a product it hangs for a few seconds with a message asking me to wait then it crashes. I have already reported this in beta but it still happens in the new release.
  6. Yes I bought from Affinity Store. So far I have only tested Photo in case you wanted me to do a first attempt with publisher or designer after changing anything. I have tried Photo several times. This is the same problem that I reported in beta.
  7. When I try to register Photo 1.9 I get the "Please wait a moment" message and then after a few seconds I get a crash. I enabled the function to automatically send a crash dump and then tried again with the same result. My system and photo language are both UK English
  8. I still get the same behaviour with the current betas. Since no-one else is reporting this I assume that there is something amiss on my computer. I have used DISM.exe and sfc with the parameters suggested in Microsoft's support pages and the file system seems fine. I have also checked my McAfee logs and no events are shown to indicate that it has blocked communications. Might I have a problem with a port being closed?
  9. I also assessed Eagle. It left a lot of itself around when I uninstalled it. Fortunately I had created a small test environment. I am now assessing abeMeda .
  10. I have sent 2 photo files, 1 designer file, and 2 publisher files. The files which are under 2000 KB are from first attempts. Those over 2000 KB are second attempts
  11. Photo, Publisher, Designer . All seemed to install correctly on my main computer. When I try to register the app, after the "Please wait a moment" message is shown for a few seconds The app crashes. The system is running Windows 10.0.19042. I have16.0 GB memory and plenty of space on my C and D drives. The second time that I ran the programs all seemed fine until I clicked on the my account icon. This opened the window which invites me to login. When I attempt to do so then the app crashes. I have also loaded photo and publisher on to my laptop, wh
  12. Indeed a DAM does normally use its own structure. My first experience of a simple system now called DAM was a system which I built over 35 years ago. It was for controlling CAD drawings in a multiuser environment. The files were on a server and copies were moved into user directories on the same server. A later system built with a colleague added functionality for engineers. The new database (now Oracle) and drawing files were on a server. The user interface was built with Oracle forms and the stuff hidden from end users was written in C and SQL. That sort of system is not what is needed
  13. NeoFinder is for Apple only. abeMeda seems to be a Windows lookalike. abeMeda looks pretty good. I would have liked to be able to update a partial catalogue starting at a node where I had been working. Perhaps I have missed something.
  14. Thanks for your suggestion of Eagle. I have been trying it in a test environment. All files are copied not linked. Sure one can see affinity thumbnails (which you cannot see in Bridge). You can open files in Eagle into Affinity photo. The problem occurs when you want to save or export the files back to Eagle. As far as I can see you have to store stuff in a temporary holding are and the import from there to Eagle. Also the file structure in the library would be a nightmare to untangle should one want to later abandon it. As far as I can tell Eagle cannot integrate well with any applicati
  15. I hope that all you at Affinity and all members of the forums have a happy and well earned holiday.
  16. I have pre ordered the print edition. I would have liked both pdf and print. I am surprised that Affinity are surprised to receive 15,000 orders. I would have expected even more. Desktop printing is enormously popular. Affinity publisher is an amazing app but its professional features does make it challenging for casual users without prior knowledge. I took over the job of editor, producer, and general dogsbody of a newsletter for our local country park volunteers, only an ambitious stone's throw from Affinity's HQ. I know that I do not make the best use of this, mainly because of my own
  17. This update is not of importance to me because I use Windows however I think it worth commenting that Affinity get honourable mention about it on Thom Hogan's ByThom website which has a huge following by Nikon users over the English speaking world.
  18. I wouldn't dream of running a batch of raw to jpeg. I run a batch of raw to afphoto. then edit and export to whatever format and size that I need.
  19. Affinity batch process works on raw files. Sometimes with a long list you will get a not responding as they load; just give it time. The running of the bath process has been reliable for several releases.
  20. FastRawViewer is a useful tool for quickly sorting through a batch of raw files before submitting them to Affinity Photo's develop persona. It is not a DAM and its authors do not claim that it is. Thanks for mentioning it. It is useful.
  21. I hope that you can get this 90 day trial viral amongst college and older school design students. You could end up with a lot of self taught users who know no other package. The potential sales as things come back to normal are enormous. It is very generous to allow people enough time to learn how to use the apps. It may also prove to be wonderful marketing. Thanks for all the development work. Take care and I hope that your home working stops you catching the virus.
  22. The database for DAM does not contain the editing information that is stored in xmp files in the Adobe system. The LR database keeps track of where files are stored and information about them that we want to add in order to find them. It also tracks duplicates which are made for further processing. In an affinity installation, should a DAM be produced, I would also expect it to keep track of files being used in other documents. For example photographs being used in publications. A database is an essential part of a DAM.
  23. I would expect an afphoto file to be at least twice the size of the high quality jpeg file from which it was generated, even if no editing was done, for two reasons. The jpeg file uses eight bits per channel per pixel whereas the afphoto file uses sixteen bits The jpeg file uses destructive compression.
  24. I do not need a DAM. I would like a DAM very much. I would expect it to use a database and accept that importing would be necessary. A browser like Bridge is not worth the effort of creating it. I am aware of the problems of creating such a system since a colleague and I created a system for controlling engineering drawings, which ended up as a product database. This system used an Oracle DBMS. I understand that Lightroom uses a light single file version of Microsoft SQL Server. These DAM systems are not trivial and require several man years to develop. I am still hopi
  25. Thanks for posting. Starting the previous beta was not alerting the update which has gone live today. The Affinity team have even been working Saturday on this . I have tried the new beta on Nikon NEF and it is good. John
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