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Print preview display all red / printout comes all black

John W

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Printing to a PDF the whole thing is just blurred. I believe this happened after updating to catalina, but can't be totally sure as I don't tend to print that often.

I also notice that the image is being scaled to only show part of it as below.


If I go into range and scale and set this to Fit To Printable the image displays correctly and prints to PDF ok as below.689253723_Screenshot2019-10-30at13_55_11.thumb.png.b05946c76db1e4414cb8979838b19b40.png


I would have thought the default option was to scale the image to display correctly for the paper size by default.

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The same thing is happening to me.  The PDF image is scaled to only show a part of it, is all red and prints only the part of the image that is shown on preview.  I recently updated to Catalina for Mac 10.15.6  and initially, Affinity would crash whenever I invoked the Print command.  On advice from Affinity, deleted and reinstalled my printer (Epson 2760) along with updated drivers from Epson so now it will print but with the problems noted above.  I have tried exporting the image as a jpg or png but the same thing occurs.  Native jpg and png's print ok.  

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Lenovo IdeaPad Windows 10, and Epson EcoPot L3050  printer - I printed  a professional 2Mb square photo out of the Windows Photo app and got the usual excellent quality picture though heavily reduced density (10%) Kb. I wanted to stretch horizontally and maintain density so went into Affinity Photo.

AP printed very quickly, correct dimensions, good clarity but with vertical stripes and a red tinge . What happened?

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