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  1. This worked and I also updated my drivers. However, I am now unable to print PDF's. The image shows up scaled and red and only prints the part of it previewed. Jpg's and Png's print ok.
  2. The same thing is happening to me. The PDF image is scaled to only show a part of it, is all red and prints only the part of the image that is shown on preview. I recently updated to Catalina for Mac 10.15.6 and initially, Affinity would crash whenever I invoked the Print command. On advice from Affinity, deleted and reinstalled my printer (Epson 2760) along with updated drivers from Epson so now it will print but with the problems noted above. I have tried exporting the image as a jpg or png but the same thing occurs. Native jpg and png's print ok.
  3. I'm also running Catalina 10.15.6 and am having the same problem with all image files, no matter what the extension. Regardless of whether I try to print an existing file or create a new one, the minute I hit "Print", the app disappears.
  4. I am on a Mac running OS Catalina, 10.15.6. The power went out during a storm last night. Today everything reloaded fine, including Affinity Desktop but it crashes whenever I attempt to print any file. Also, there were already some files loaded in Affinity Photo which it brings up when I reload the program but it will not delete them.
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