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Found 11 results

  1. I would like you to improve presentation of the channel panel. Currently it's hard to know which channel is selected at glance, especially for spare channels. Highlight color or an icon is need for them.
  2. Is there any way to change the color that reveals the path of a curve? In checking thousands of river beds on a map in AD I would like to visually see what is selected when using the move tool. The node tool, of course, shows this but this gets crowded. The only solution I have found is to change the colour of the path to some colour other than blue so that the thin blue line along the selected path show up. However, it would be nice to be able to change this default blue to a red. I think I saw this option once but perhaps not.
  3. Hi all, I noticed that if I drag any image from the explorer, or Adobe Bridge or anywhere to my current document, the new dragged layer is not selected. Is this an intended behavior? Cheers, Juan
  4. Hey everyone! It would be useful if there was an option to only show the selected slice. Personally, I need to export slices at full file resolution and having hundreds of slices on top of each other overlaps their header, so I cannot read it. Besides that, I ran into performance problems at about 100 slices, which may be somewhat better without so much overdraw. Best wishes, Shu
  5. Some strange behaviour I stumbled across today when I forgot to leave quick mask mode correctly: How to reproduce: 1. Load an image as a pixel layer. 2. Press "Q" for quick mask mode. The current layer is automatically deselected. 3. Edit the mask with a white paint brush. 4. Do NOT leave with "Q". Instead 5. click the adjustment layer icon in the layer stack. 6. Choose a random adjustment layer. 7. Quick mask mode is left and the selection is shown automatically, but 8. the chosen adjustment layer is not added to the layer stack and tweaking
  6. Hey there, Affinity Designer: Although in Slices the checkbox Export Selected of the related arboard is NOT checked, the artboard gets an icon that indicates that the artboard gets exported in the Layers panel. Actually the artboard does NOT export. (See Attachments) Greetings, Johannes
  7. I thought I was just being rubbish for ages, but have now finally realised this is an actual bug! 1. Select a brush from the brush panel 2. Paint a stroke or two 3. Observe that the brush is selected with blue highlight in the panel 4. Resize the brush with the square brackets keys 5. Behold! The blue highlight has vanished! 6. Dispair! I think this has been around for a while, coz I was always confused as to which brush I was actually using, but couldn't work out why I didn't know. Thanks Wayne
  8. Hello. I love Affinity Designer and have parted ways with Illustrator, but Ive had huge issues with the export selected with no background. Here are a couple of issues we currently have: 1. Export seems to not be pixel perfect. A simple example is creating a 256px x 200px rectangle, with not border. Export selected, the result will be 257x200. (click on attachment 1 and compare the transform and the export panels). 2. Sometimes when I export selected the resulting image is bigger than the source ( it is not scaled but a white background is added) If you open the image in a phot
  9. It seems that when we select multiple separate text objects in Affinity Designer that the align tools, etc appear, and replace the ability to change the font settings for multiple selections. This is a huge deal, and incredibly annoying as I tend to bounce around between different fonts, and sizes during UI design projects. Normally I use Text Styles, but in the early phases I do select multiple text objects.
  10. In one of my current projects I'm working on my company's new brand identity (logo, title fonts, etc). In the past I've been accustomed to placing several of those brand graphics in the same document, editing them individually, and then exporting them to separate .eps or .svg files. It doesn't look like "Export Selected Item" is an option right now, but it would sure be a time saver versus creating different files for each graphic element. What do you think?
  11. This should work in both Designer and Photo. When you click on a layer to have the layers panel scroll to, and highlight, the selected layer. It's very inconvenient to scroll up and down looking for the object you've selected especially with more complex documents.
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