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Found 9 results

  1. Often enough I read in the forum the plea of a moderator to collect, zip and upload files. What I would like to see is a) Package the files and zip them in one go and / or b) Packaging means sending the files to someone else. So it could be useful, that Preflight kicks in and show warnings if any and / or c) Preflighting + Packaging + Zip and / or d) ID gives you the option to add some production notes and adds a report. From time to time you have to write some notes so this feature would be handy.
  2. Can't use "Save As Package". After the first dialogue where i can define what to pack and press button to start packaging the dialogue ends. A sound come like "you can't press any button"/ other actions blocked. In a logical way there have to be a finder window to define name and place where to pack, but there is none visible. Publisher is not frozen and not crashed but no actions are possible - including abort. The only way is a forced shut-down of publisher via alt+cmd+esc. System: OSX 10.12.6 Mac 27"/2014 maybe interesting: two Displays, multiple "D
  3. Hi All, I'd like to know if anyone has used Affinity Publisher or Affinity Designer to create design for custom corrugated boxes using existing templates (if there is any). I was looking at pack.ly or packmage who also offer that but those tools are limited If yes, are you able to share how you did it? Cheers, Thomas
  4. Hello , I working currently with a manufactured drink's company on Algeria and i would release all tickets and packages using affinity suite , the problem is the Arabic support because that packages comport Arabic descriptions for product's , Am using in design but i have bought license for all affinity suite and i would work with on all my future and current projects ; Thank's Guy's
  5. Hi, I was looking at the "Affinity designer 1.5 overview" on Vimeo a minute ago. But there id one feature I completely don't know how to use, and I really want to know :). At 1 minute 9 seconds of the video, you can see someone drawing on a box template and it appears directly on the mockup. I would appreciate sombody explain me how to do this. Thank you in advance.
  6. In this tutorial (German) I would like to explain how you can project symbols on a transformed parent object to create your own packaging designs. I've used English labels in the layer panel and hope you could follow my instructions. Keep on drawin' Norbert
  7. The Affinity Designer intro video shows text and graphics being dynamically wrapped on a box package. Are there any videos or tutorials to show how to accomplish this automatic text and graphics wrapping on a package?
  8. I've been preparing several packaging files for vendors and continually run into a major roadblock when I want to outline live type. In Illustrator you can simply Select All and Outline Text. Done in 2 seconds and the file retains its structure. Is there currently anyway to accomplish this in AD? I'm aware of the (Layer >) Convert to Curves command. The trouble is that this command doesn't seem to penetrate groups. Which forces me to either: 1. Select/search though every group in the Layers panel for any and all text elements and manually convert them, which is both very time-co
  9. Hello everyone, I would like to know if there is a feature for packaging Affinity Designer Documents (such as Illustrator or InDesign) in your roadmap. Thank you very much!
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