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Found 6 results

  1. I have been working on a few documents that use several layers. On a few occasions Affinity Photo has closed down without any warning or error message. I have not been doing any specific. It seemed to close whatever I was doing.
  2. Just bought it, installed and when attempted to open it, the app closes right after opening without accusing any error. The Affinity Designer opens normally, this one doesn't. I've already restarted my laptop to make sure the same application was not opening and even uninstalled and installed again and the same issue continues. Ideas?
  3. It would be good if there were (maybe there is, but I can't find it) a way to close a whole bunch of images in one go. Further, this should apply to RAW mode as well as JPEG or other. Lastly, when restarting, it should be possible to open from a completely clear situation. Currently I'm using a fairly slow iMac machine (about 5-6 times slower than my i7 based MBP), and RAW is killing it. Also I thought it was a neat idea to have more than one file open, butnow this is coming back to bite me. On exit I am asked either to Develop or Cancel, and having to do that for each one is a pain if all I want to do is abort. I can abort AP by using Force Quit,but on restart the program still seems to want to reload some previous files. Am I missing something? Sometimes just doing one or two tests on RAW is sufficient to realise that JPEG is good enough, and then one should be able to abort one or more open files without suffering a big performance/time hit.
  4. Hi, I was using the trial and it worked fine for the 10 days but now i have purchased the Affinity Designer it just force closes every time i try and do any work on it. I don't understand why?
  5. One very small thing that bugs me: This is regarding exporting many images one by one. When you open a large amount of images, the left most tab is open, and the tabs furthest to the right get compacted under a submenu since it cannot fit them all in the tab bar. This is all good. What doesn't make sense is as soon as you export and close the first image, it immediately switches to the RIGHT-most image in the tab bar. Half the time when exporting many images, this cannot even be seen in the tab bar without clicking the arrow in the right of the tab bar. (See attached for visual explanation, just after closing first tab) This right to left approach seems to just get in the way, because it forces the user to click on the "more" arrow, select the right most tab (this brings it to the left of the tab bar for some other reason), export and close it, and then once again the RIGHT-most image is selected, again hidden away in the more menu. What I'd suggest is simply the approach anyone takes to read basic english. When a tab is closed, have the image on the right of that tab be opened next, not the one far away at the end of the list.. Anyway one else think this is a strange nuisance? Or is there some reason for Affinity to behave like this?
  6. I opened the program. Closed the window, When clicking on the AP. Nothing happens, unless to close (QUIT) the AP and then re open.
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