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  1. I cannot find where to download the update.I just hope you have not forgotten to allow older OSX to be able to use the updated version. I just bought another mac as by 15 inch gave up 2011 Imstill using high sierra, My mac will not take any later version. I cannot afford another as I laded up broke from spending out on updates and repairing the old mac. I have logged in and the box for updates is greyed out. So why can I not get the update? ?
  2. Yes I have asked this many times . As long ago in 2000 I started off using MGI photo suit , And the tools in there were great you could literally put two images into the window side by side. Cut or copy bits and just drag them to the other photo and place them Or better , edit and manipulate the taken image and then place it with out using layers. For resorting photos fast This was wonderful and fast. I re build a persons face , and pats of the room they were in . just a shame its not available , bigger shame Mac up grades Those annoying OSX developers don ad something to enable old programs to be used. Why does it get more complicated ?
  3. We need a simple cut and paste as in MGI photo suit back in 2000. where you can put two images and duplicate images in the same or 2 windows and cut bit out, insert or paste them, reverse turn shape ,fade or what ever and then when final, it can be placed or blended in, on the Origional or the other, its perfect for re building old photos and so fat but you cannot get it to day, And a simple coo large tool where you can take a sick of photos from a file , drag then in, drag them of and place any where on the canvas or frame. re size or turn as you can in I web, Instead of having to use I web, Please Thank you
  4. Have a request am sure you can do to make this editing greater and simple. If any of you have a copy of a 2000. MgI photo suite . Here you can take the laso. Make a shape . With pressing a key . You have to options of cut copy and can drag that part of the image and drop it any where. Before the drop . You can reverse , or rotate. If you could make this action . It would be fantastic. As this is what i was hoping photoshop could do.
  5. Never got round to using it not long enough with to days pressures. Not to happy not able to contact you direct . So How? :angry: :(
  6. Will there be a plug in for Aperture 3 and photoshop? When clicking on a photo, going into open in Affinity, it says Affinity is already running, it does not open the picture in the program for editing. like others programs.
  7. I opened the program. Closed the window, When clicking on the AP. Nothing happens, unless to close (QUIT) the AP and then re open.
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