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Plug in 4 AP 3,6 and a cut and paste like MGI PS

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We need a simple cut and paste as in MGI photo suit back in 2000. 



where you can put two images and duplicate images in the same or 2 windows and cut bit out, insert or paste them, 

reverse turn shape ,fade or what ever and then when final, it can be placed or blended in, on the Origional or the other, 


its perfect for re building old photos and so fat but you cannot get it to day,   And a simple coo large tool where you can take a sick of photos from a file , drag then in,   drag them of and place any where on the canvas or frame. re size or turn as you can in I web,  Instead of having to use I web, Please 


Thank you 


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Hi photoangel,

You can do this in Affinity Photo. Just make sure you are working with (Pixel) layers. Look at the label between parenthesis after the layer's name in the Layers panel. If they are identified as an (Image) layers right-click on them  and select Rasterise.... to convert them to (Pixel) layers. You can then select, copy and paste the parts you are interested. (Image) layers are considered objects layer types - they retain all original image data and can be transformed globally (scaled, rotated skew, etc ) without losing quality but they cannot be edited at a pixel level. For that you have to convert them to Pixel layers first.


You can easily rotate, scale and move any image or pixel layer using the Move Tool, clicking on the image then using the bounding box handles. To rotate an image: move you cursor to one of the corner handles coming from outside the image until it changes to a rotate icon  then click and drag to rotate the image.  If you place the cursor right over the corner handle then click and drag you can scale the image instead.

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