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  1. I am using Windows 10 Home with 8GB ram, Intel Core i5 6200U cpu @ 2.30GHz.
  2. Hi Callum Thanks for your reply. I have just had another crash. That is 3 out of 3 times of using Affinity Photo. As I mentioned, there are no messages or warnings. The program just closes as though I'd closed it down. The last time it closed I was using masking and it seemed to stop responding to mouse clicks and then just disappeared. Thanks Vince
  3. I have been working on a few documents that use several layers. On a few occasions Affinity Photo has closed down without any warning or error message. I have not been doing any specific. It seemed to close whatever I was doing.
  4. Thanks for the replies. It definitely needs to be clearer. The help text at the bottom of the app window does indicate that the ALT key will ignore snapping and nothing else and if as Garry mentioned its not clear in the help files, then it may well need to be addressed. Thanks again for your input.
  5. Garry, thanks for your response. Yes, exactly, just thought id check as I wasn't too sure if I was doing it correctly.
  6. I have not used Affinity Publisher much yet but have just started using it and am trying to move a Frame Text without snapping (i.e fine movements). According to the help text at the bottom of the screen when I hover over a Frame Text object it says 'Alt to ignore snapping'. When I try to use this option by holding down ALT and dragging the object it does seem to ignore snapping, but also duplicates it (. Simple task which I don't that my lack of use of publisher is showing or if there is a bug, which if there was Im sure would have been identified by now. N.B. I've just found out how to move without snapping. So just in case anyone else is confused as I was. You first have to click, hold and start moving the object before you press ALT. This worked for me, but I am sure there is an easier way of doing this (and if not there should be).
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