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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, everyone. Thanks beforehand for your time. So, basically my problem has to do with character spacing, no matter tracking, kerning, both or none. Affinity displays it completely wrong. Refer to the screenshots for more context. This first screenshot comes from a fresh new affinity document. I just wrote the text and set the font face. This is how Mona Sans looks against Arial, just to name an example. You can clearly see that the spacing for the Narrow Version and the Wide Italic version has been absolutely butchered. I can't tell if Arial and the Regular version for Mona have the same problem. To me, they look fine, but I don't really know what to expect after seeing how it reacts to very wide and narrow fonts. Second screenshot is how Keynote, just another app that deals with text, looks like. Font Book looks identically, as so does every other text app I have. Essentially, that's the spacing that the original designers had in mind. I am very aware of the ⌘ + opt + → command for setting this up manually. But, in this specific case, I am just writing a bunch of text. I expect the result to be like the second picture with no additional tweaking. Essentially, that's how the typeface was designed and I want to keep those proportions. For reference, I accessed the Character window and tweaked everything to be as default, or close to default as possible. That means, 0% everywhere. I went character by character, checking that the kerning for each pair was set to 0%. Question is: am I missing something? Am I doing something wrong? Or, on the other hand, is it a problem with Designer? Hope you can help me out. Lemme know if any other piece of info is needed. Specs: - OS: MacOS Ventura 13.0. This occurred in both an Intel machine and an Apple Silicon Machine. - Affinity Version is 1.10.6 Again, thanks much for your time beforehand.
  2. Hey everyone, i technically have a maths question but it is do with tracking/letter spacing. When im designing I usually want certain text to be certain width and height WITH tracking. For example, Original height of text: 20px Original width of text: 177.8px I need the text tracked so that its exactly 240px wide but keeping the 20px height/text size. I can do it manually by setting up a guide at the end of a box thats 240px wide and then incrementally increasing the tracking % of the text by 1% until it meets the centre of the line…. But is there a better way? Is there a formula where you take the original width compared to the finished width and try find the tracking %? Any help for a more efficient and accurate method would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Greetings, I think we need to have an overlay while editing the footage in the edit screen. This would allow us to know where the center of the frame is at all time, that that would help us with tracking subjects on the video also on that now adding a tracking feature would be amazing! (DIY til this is added is me putting some tape with a bread crumb on it 😆)
  4. I’m trying to place text on a circular path so that the letters are evenly spaced, but after dragging the start/end handles as far as I can there is still more space between the first and last letters than there is between the other letters (see photo). How can I make it so all the letters have the same amount of space between them on the path? If I drag the end handle any further the final W switches over to the inside of the path.
  5. I’m loving everything Affinity is putting together. Also will there be ‪an addition of type controls (leading / tracking / kerning )with the hot keys( option key + arrow keys) for ipad. Option plus left and right controlling the tracking and kerning. Option plus up-and-down controlling the leading like adobe hot key. ‬once learned this hot key in the adobe its been tough on ipad trying to keep ip my type placement speed with out it.
  6. See video attached. When altering the tracking on a selection of body, the tracking resets back to 0% as soon as you click back into the text box. AffinityPublisherBeta-1.70.57-MacOSMojave-TrackingReset.m4v
  7. Hi there, I would like to ask if anyone else has the same behaviour as me when typing text in the 1.6.1 of AD. Assume that I create a body text style with a specific kerning and tracking number (negative values). I type the text, all good (upper text paragraph in the image). However, when I revisit the paragraph and add something (Affinity Designer), the kerning and tracking in this latest addition is lost (upper text paragraph in the image). I need to select all the text and select the paragraph style again to correct it (lower text paragraph in the image). You see the problem for the guide lines I have inserted. Best regards, A.
  8. The SVG export in AD of a text term (both frame and artistic) does not appear to recognize AD tracking correctly.The SVG made from AD puts the proper tracking between the first and second character of a single word, but then bunches all of the next letters together as if they had no tracking, but the last letter appears in its proper place at the very end with a large space before it, i.e., as if all of the other letters had been properly tracked. I have tried using kerning rather than tracking in creating the same single term (again in both frame and artistic text), but all metric options are greyed (not available). In this respect, I have to return to Illustrator which works better, although the tracking/kerning in the SVG is slightly less than in the original. BTW, I'm still trying to figure out how kerning vs tracking works in AD since it appears to be different than I understand from my publishing experience. Are there any posts or help articles that could illuminate my ignorance?
  9. First I want to say that you guys are literally the only ones who have made the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro useful. Seriously, it's great execution on having appropriate adjustments and functions on the bar. Most app devs treat the bar like an after-thought and, if implemented appropriately (which it almost never is), it's quite useful. Something I'd love to see implemented is a more robust Touch Bar for the character menu. Currently there are only the three bold, italic, and underline options, all of which often aren't applicable for most fonts. I can imagine having things like tracking, leading, and font size dials available, perhaps with a few options like all-caps or small-caps. And while I wouldn't want the actual font-picker menu on the touch bar (way too much swiping), having a picker for font variations within a family would certainly be valuable (slightly less swiping). I can even imagine seeing ligature or Open-Type variants pop up when highlighting specific characters.
  10. Hi, When I freehand sketch ('Draw Persona'), Designer makes certain choices when interpreting my Vector Brush-ed or Pencil-ed lines into vectors. ¿¿ Is there a preference or settings dialog to control how accurate the resulting sketched path is?? Like: many nodes for 'Accurate', fewer nodes for 'Simplified, etc.? thanks, - pbass
  11. Wish I could dial in tracking on text to decimals instead of that weird percentage value. I know this has been touched on before.
  12. Hi, I just noticed that when you add any percentage of tracking to text element it automatically adds tracking on the last letter of the text, this behaviour is not wrong but is a little annoying for centered text compositions because the text with more tracking will be offset to the left. Here is comparison example between Photoshop and Designer behaviours. The text background shows how the tracking works in affinity, I think that the photoshop behaviour is better in this case. Maybe this could be the default behaviour? Thanks ;) Note: When editing the text object, both photoshop and affinity behaves the same way, the difference (!important) is that affinity keeps the spacing on the last letter within the bounding box after editing.
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